Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Seven simple Skin toners for your face

Who doesn't want to have a radiant skin? Here are seven simple methods to have that glowing skin.
But do it regularly or at least once a week to keep nourishing. If you have time you can apply one everyday.

Wash your face before applying these toners.

-Grate a small piece of cucumber and extract the juice from it.Add a tsp of honey and lemon juice to it. And apply it to your
face with cotton ball.
Allow it to dry and then wash your face without soap.Pat dry.Cucumber is a gentle astringent and a cooling toner.
Lemon is a powerful toner and astringent because it helps prevent acne.It is also rich in vitamin C that
clarifies your skin and fades dark spots.

-Grate some carrot and extract juice from it. Add a pinch of turmeric (if you have turmeric root you can use it as well) and
two drops of honey to it. mix it well and apply to your face with cotton.Honey naturally hydrates your skin to make it
smooth and soft preserving the moisture. It is an antibacterial,antiseptic antioxidant.

-Make a paste out of raw peanuts add a tbsp of milk to it and some drops of honey. This is good specially for dry skin.

-If u can get Aloe Vera stem this is exactly what your face needs.Split the stem and apply the gel inside to your face.
Again it acts as a cool toner.

-Apply fresh ripened tomato juice on your face and leave it till dry and then wash your face.

-Eating papaya is good for health. It is as well good for your face. Peel the papaya skin and rub inside of the papaya skin
on your face. Papaya is rich in Vitamin A,C and E.

-Grind 50 grams (around half a cup) of cabbage and extract the juice. Apply this on your face. After it dries,
wash with cool water and wipe dry. This helps tighten your skin and prevents wrinkles.

Do not apply anything on your face once you wash these off at least for a while.
Stop using anything if you feel itchy or redness. It might not suit your skin.